Drop a cherry on top of your next branded event with a drinkable marketing platform that will get the crowd buzzing – and we are not just talking caffeine or alcohol.

Corporate Events

Keep employee morale high and create a lively atmosphere at your next corporate event, simply by inviting your staff for a drink.

Make it an event the whole company will be buzzing about the next day with fun Evebot to elevate your drink offering.

Once you see the Evebot effect in action, you’ll never want to host another event without it.

Exhibitions / trade shows

Draw visitors to your booth and keep them engaged by using Evebot as your unique content marketing platform.

Standing out from the competition at a crowded exhibition or trade show can be challenging and costly.

With Evebot, you’ll get maximum DOI (delight on investment!) that you can measure with smiles and social media shares!

VIP events

Want to make sure your guests feel extra special? Use Evebot to print high resolution, personalized pictures on their favorite drink!

The Evebot web based APP lets customers snap and send fun selfies that you can instantly print on any foam-topped drink.

It’s perfect for letting every single guest shine like a star at your next VIP event.

Branded events

Evebot customization options are virtually endless and can easily propel your event marketing from wompwomp to ‘wow!’.

Let your brand personality shine through by mixing and matching a fun range of customized designs atop coffee, beer, cocktails and more at your next brand activation.

With Evebot drinks as your marketing platform, you’re guaranteed to have all eyes (and lips!) on your brand.