Ripples provide prime real estate promote special offers and onsite events that generate a lively atmosphere – whether among colleagues in the office or fellow fans out on the field


Boost employee morale and make morning coffee, lunchtime, and happy hour memorable with fun company- branded Ripples for your corporate food service.

Business are always on the lookout for clever and creative ways to enrich company culture and keep employees happy, motivated and connected to one another.

Unlike one-off efforts that are easily forgotten, Ripples provide a simple, economical way to infuse fun on a daily basis.


Forget ‘the wave’. Get fans jumping in their seats using team-branded Ripples or photos oftheir favorite performers!

Make your concession stands the star of every half-time show with fun Ripples atop your coffee, beer, and cocktails.

Ripples offers real-time customization, making the drinks you sell the perfect marketing platform for harnessing the power of your live events into your promotional messages.


Help your customers extend their own messaging and get maximum exposure at minimal cost with Ripples’ drinkable marketing platform.

Getting noticed at an expo center can be challenging, with throngs of businesses competing for the limited attention span of passersby.

Not with Ripples. You’ll have them in the palm of your hands! Or actually, they’ll have you in the palm of their hands. Okay, but you get where we’re going with this…