Latte art is a method of how coffee preparation occurs. It involves pouring of steamed milk into a shot of espresso in such a way to result in the creation of a pattern or design on the surface of the latte or cappuccino. From looking into the history of latte art – We start to understand the importance of making coffee art. Coffee baristas perceive making coffee art as their mark of a professional similar to plating of food by chefs in the food industry. Every barista knows the basics of coffee art and how to make a heart shape. Barista recruitment and the final hiring decision could come down to which barista has the broadest knowledge of coffee art creation, it is a scary thought when you think of it! The history of coffee art and development of microfoam dates back to the early 1980s. Coffee art is a sign of attention to detail and possibly quality of the coffee to some. Coffee stores and franchises would indeed want to impress and show their skills in this field, so we can expect to be impressed with their skill and design. Only the most skilled baristas can make latte art by hand. Coffee latte art has even become a competition and there are championships that have been established around the world to see who can achieve the best latte art.

So, as we have now established the importance of coffee art and impressing the customers, keeping up quality and service and speed. There have then been later developments to the field with the introduction of the coffee printer… originally being 1 colour made with coffee bean extract and more recently the introduction of inkjet colour coffee printers that are capable of printing full colour, detailed and complicated photos onto the surface of the coffee foam. The colour print is edible and made from food colouring so this means that it is completely safe to consume with the beverage and adds no extra flavour or taste to the drink. This could be the next biggest development and standard in the latte art field. With this in mind, Afriten Technologies has decided to bring these colour coffee printers to South Africa. Initially testing the concept at events, exhibitions and launches and later looking to release this into funky coffee stores.

Now anyone is able to make the most complicated designs onto coffee foam surfaces with no knowledge of special foam pouring techniques!

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