Product and Printing

Most frequent questions and answers

The Evebot is a wi-fi enabled countertop device that prints images on top of a variety of foam-topped drinks.

The Evebot works by combining patented 3D printer  mechanics with inkjet printing technologies. Put your finished drink on the self-rising tray, scroll through the available designs, and top to select.

It takes just a few seconds to select and print each design.

the Evebot simply makes foam-topped drinks picturesque. Make your guest’s beverage by your usual methods, and then place the glass on the tray and select your design. Evebot will let you add the perfect finishing touch.

Smooth, even foam, poured right to the brim of the glass, is the perfect canvas for Evebot .

The Evebot can be mastered in minutes. There is no need to set aside time for lengthy training sessions. But perfect foam with minimal or micro-bubbles is key.

The Evebot cartridge is a proprietary capsule filled with our patented coffee-based extract, that’s used to print each design.

The “ink” is coffee extract, dispensed from your Evebot Cartridge. A single Cartridge will create approximately 800 ~ 1000 prints. New machine are comes with free cartridge, and you can order with us , we normally send over night courier to major cities .

Because each print is created from a minuscule amount of coffee extract, there is no effect on the quality or flavor of the beverage being enjoyed. (Try matcha green tea, or a gin flip!) The added caffeine content within each print is negligible

Evebot are not refillable. Only our specially developed coffee extract can be used to ensure food-safe, high-quality prints.

A single Cartridge will create approximately 800~1000 prints.

No. Evebot Cartridge should be kept at regular room temperature, and not in the refrigerator.

Evebot Machine do not require regularly scheduled maintenance, you just need to wipe down the drip tray at the end of each day. All machines are backed by a 1-year comprehensive warranty .