Caring is sharing. Whether they are with friends at a bar or working solos at a coffee shop, serving Evebot makes it easy to get customers raving about your business where it matters – on social media.


A delighted customer is a repeat customer. Use Evebot to turn their daily coffee into an experience worth looking forward to.

Evebots’ fully customizable drink designs can spark regular connections between your staff and customers, while boosting loyalty for your business.

Evebot is also a unique marketing platform that makes it easy for customers to tag and share their positive experiences at your shop.


Drink Evebot are great for creating fun interactions among customers, the kind that leads to ordering another round. Cheers to that.

No more passing notes down the bar — Evebot is the perfect messaging platform for creating a lively atmosphere while driving sales. Choose your designs or let customers send their own via Evebots’ intuitive app.

You can also use Evebot to promote your own special offers and onsite events, from Happy Hour to Taco Tuesday.


The Evebot app lets customers create fun, personalized designs and messages to print on their drinks in high resolution. Just snap and send.

Make it a meal to remember with delightful Evebot drinks. Customers can create designs while waiting to place an order, or you can surprise them with your own to generate brand awareness for your business.

PS: Evebot are likely to increase tips for your servers, too!