One of the secrets to great hospitality is infusing delight where it is least expected. When it comes to creating wonderful moments for your guests, Evebot drinks have you covered .


Want to make their stay unforgettable? There’s no need to bend over backwards. Let the little things stand out in a big way.

A chocolate on their pillow upon arrival, a selection of premium toiletries beautifully displayed in the bathroom—personal hotel service is best expressed in small touches.

Evebot is the next generation of small touches, turning ‘personal service’ into a memorable experience.


Offer your visitors as many delightful touchpoints as possible for an experience that is happier, more memorable, and digitally shareable, too.

Heart-stopping rides and mesmerizing shows aren’t the only way to thrill your visitors. Evebot drink designs are guaranteed crowd-pleasers.

Turn that long line into a photo opp that delivers user-generated exposure for your brand on social media!


Evebot can be customized in real-time, making it easy to spark personal connections. You’ll win bonus points with guests and crew.

Honeymoons, summer vacation with the kids, family reunions—whatever draws your guests aboard, Evebot lets you tap into their moment with personalized drink designs that make the occasion brighter than a smile from the bartender on the Love Boat.

You’ll help create happy memories that are perfect for tagging and sharing on social media.